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Outfit your Physics Lab with 3B quality lab apparatus. The 3B Physics Shop has a wide variety of innovative items for teaching basic through advanced physics principles. Assemble an Air Track and demonstrate almost all the principles of Mechanics.

Customize your own optics experiments with our precision Optics equipment and optical components. Historic or high-tech, from electricity and magnetism to atomic and nuclear physics all the major investigative areas of the physical sciences are here. You will also find physics experiment kits, software and lab supplies in the Physics Shop.
Infra-red thermometer 380°C D,U11833

Infra-red thermometer 380°C D

Item: U11833 [1020909]

Lazer Mesafe Ölçer,U11831

Lazer Mesafe Ölçer

Item: U11831 [1020907]

Termal Görüntüleme Kamerası,U11832

Termal Görüntüleme Kamerası

Item: U11832 [1020908]

Dijital Osiloskop, 2x30 MHz,U11834

Dijital Osiloskop, 2x30 MHz

Item: U11834 [1020910]