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VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici
VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici
VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici
VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici
VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici
VinciLab, 1021477 [UCMA-001], Veri kaydedici


The VinciLab is a modern advanced graphic data-logger. It is a handheld Linux device equipped with two processors and 8 GB memory. Works standalone and with Windows and MAC computers. The dedicated desktop applications, installed on VinciLab, offer tools for collecting data, managing user fles, setting up the device and its wireless connection, browsing the web, watching video fles, playing audio fles, etc. All applications can be easily updated via the VinciLab Update server available via a Wi-Fi connection. The powerful Coach Application, installed on VinciLab, offers live sensor data displays, real-time graphing, tools for data processing and possibilities to create new or open ready-to-go student activities (experiment manuals), enriched with texts, images and web-pages. Coach 7 and Coach 7 Lite support measurements with VinciLab. During such measurement VinciLab is connected to the computer via a USB port or communicates via a Wi-Fi connection, and is controlled by Coach running on the computer. The collected data are transferred in real-time to the computer and the measurement can be followed directly on the computer screen. By using wireless connectivity and the VNC protocol the VinciLab’s screen can be remotely viewed and controlled from any computer or mobile device connected to the same network.

Display: 5" high-resolution capacitive color touch screen
Resolution: 12-bit
Sampling rate: 1 MHz
Sensor inputs: Four analog BT inputs, two digital BT inputs
Built-in: Sound sensor, 3-axis, accelerometer (2 g, 4 g, 8 g)
Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi (mobile devices alternatively via Bluetooth®)
Computer connection: USB mini port
USB port: Full USB for USB peripherals
Software on board: Coach Linux
Software on computer: Coach 7or Coach 7 Lite
Power supply: Rechargeable battery, via USB from computer or via power adapter

Ürün Bilgisi
Ürün No 1021477 [UCMA-001]
Ağırlık 0.74 kg
Ölçüler 0.28 x 0.18 x 0.1 cm
Sipariş hattımızdan bize direkt, kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz.

Sipariş hattı:
0212 422 8800
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